About Bighorn Studios

The Team Behind the Best Video Production Company in Reno, NV

Not every production company is the same. Some produce corporate videos, while others are strictly 30-second commercial houses. Some work to specific direction provided by agencies or clients while others prefer to direct all the creative input in a project. We like to think of ourselves as a blend of the best of these traits.

We hold ourselves to high standards and we produce videos that our clients are proud to have represent them. We work with agencies and clients to whatever extent they need us – from following specific creative direction to becoming part of the creative team, to completely guiding the client when requested or needed. Our philosophy is simple – we will produce an exceptional video at an exceptional price.

Dean Richard Producer/Director/Editor

Dean started what was to become the best video production company in Reno, NV, Bighorn Studios, in 2006 after spending almost 20 years in marketing and advertising. Dean moved early in his career to tourism and gaming, where he held executive positions in marketing and sales for Grand Casinos, Mandalay Resort Group (MGM/Mirage) and Harrah’s, where he spent 16 years before embarking out on his own to start Bighorn Studios.

In part, his decision to start Bighorn was born out of the desire to spend more time with his family, especially his two growing boys. And now, in addition to producing videos for clients, you’ll see him working weekends and evenings shooting video at band concerts, swimming meets and wrestling matches.

Rodney Teague Editor/Videographer

Rodney joined Dean in 2008 and together they have paired their skills to become one of Northern Nevada’s premier production houses. Rodney, as a highly experienced videographer in Reno, has been editing and shooting videos for 15+ years both as an independent and working for a variety of local and regional television shows. He knows his way around FCP, the Adobe products and everything in between. And, he knows his way around the camera, including his latest camera, the Sony FS100.

Rodney’s skills on the computer and behind the lens are only outdone by his skills on the trombone. Rodney’s band, Keyser Soze, plays throughout the western U.S., and is a top band in the Reno-Tahoe area, performing with touring groups that come through Reno and Tahoe. As trombonist and lead vocals, Rodney has a passion for his music and can often be found on stage on a Saturday night.

Jesse Allen Videographer/Editor

Jesse has worked for 20+ years in broadcast television and independent production houses. He has shot on everything from the Sony Betacam’s to the current HD line-up of Sony products, including our EX1 HD cameras, the Sony A77 DSLR and our newest FS100. Jesse’s a jack-of-all-trades, and feels as comfortable under the hood of a car as in the guts of a computer.

If you visit our video production company in Reno, NV, Jesse’s the one responsible for the extensive remodel – from our CAT-6 wiring and sound booth to the tiles and crown molding. When not shooting or remodeling, Jesse loves the outdoors, traveling and sailing.

Christopher Blanton Christopher Blanton Productions

If you have any experience with video and film production in Nevada, you’ve no doubt come in contact with the best DP/videographer in Reno, Christopher Blanton. For over 30 years, Chris’ name and company has been synonymous with quality video productions, working with just about every producer, director, creative house and ad agency that has produced commercial work in Northern Nevada.

In 2010, Chris decided to move his production company inside Bighorn, and while Christopher Blanton Productions is a separate entity, we work together on a variety of projects and Bighorn Studios has become Chris’ home base and edit house. And, beginning in 2012, we have begun a joint venture in aerial video with our own helicopter aerial video system.